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("Hard Target" is a military term for making yourself (or your business) an unattractive target)

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for you, your staff, and those who depend on you.  A "not so" common sense security training and consulting for small businesses. 
What we do


Hard Target Inc. was created to offer security training for employees, staff, or volunteers of small businesses, schools, churches, assisted living homes, etc. We will train your staff how to react to situations ranging from disorderly conduct to an active shooter scenario.  We train staff how to handle themselves until and when law enforcement arrives.



Our training is offered to anyone, but it is specifically intended to train non-law enforcement and non-military people that work in a small business setting.  We will come to your location and put on training that fits your needs and wants.  We offer power point presentations on a variety of safety training.  

Security Services

Hard Target Inc. offers private security services for private venues such as company parties, gatherings, weddings, etc.  At an affordable price, we offer unarmed protective agents with training in the most up to date non-lethal techniques and knowledge.  Email us for prices and further details.

     Hard Target Inc. was created to offer security training and consulting for employees, staff, or volunteers of small businesses, schools, churches, assisted living homes, etc.  Our goal is to offer training and consulting for people who want to know what to do in a conflict situation. Our training agenda will teach you and your employees to recognized a  threat, or potential threat, and how to react accordingly given company policies and constraints.

     Hard Target Inc. recognizes that it is

impossible to stop all threats and actions

of some, but being able to react in an

appropriate and timely manner will de-escalate most situations before it gets out of control.  We will give small business the tools and training to keep their staff, employees, and dependents safe until help arrives.    

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